Myths About Anime

1. Anime is for children

There are anime series that deal with very adult plots. Some of them contain sex and violence that are probably not fit for children to watch. While there are some shows that young people can enjoy, saying that anime is the same as cartoons simply doesn’t give the art form the justice that it deserves.

2. Anime is pornographic

Not all anime is pornographic. Thinking that they are, is similar to saying that there aren’t any pornographic live-action movies. If you have been on the internet at least once in your life, you probably are already aware that live-action porn exists, plentifully, online. There is no shame in watching pornographic anime like there isn’t any shame in watching good old porn. However, anime varies from series to series. It is diverse, and there are several types people can choose from. It is irresponsible to just box in an entire format.

3. Anime is not original

Anime is a type of format that delivers a story. Just like every format, there are great anime series with excellent plots and deep and well-thought-out characters. Inversely, there are anime series that suck and aren’t worth anyone’s time. Just like every other live-action movie or television series, anime can be set in various locations and eras with different archetypes and characterizations. It all depends on the specific anime that you watch. One cannot possibly define the format as a whole.

Authors: Charmee Purohit and Yash Padhye

Editor: V.R. Kapse

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