Narcissistic Nostalgia

In the books, the legacies and the countless folk tales,

They devise how sweet nostalgia can be,

How powerful nostalgia can be.

One where the tired hero,

Defeats the fates even when failure

is all consuming.

One where the desperation of love pulls the past, squeezing the scanty romances.

One where nostalgia is just another weapon in the arsenal.

The perils of every emotion

The good outlasting the gloom.

The chance at feeling all that you called love,

Montages of everything innocent that childhood brought.

A glimmer of hope, shunning the darkness.

Alas, everyone's embraced,

Embraced by nostalgia, and everything feels warm

Forever, a happy ending.


Isn't it all but just prideful,

Narcissistic Nostalgia ?

Authors: Abhinav Bhadri, Amrita Pillai, Aadi Bhatia

Editor: VR Kapse

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