Netflix Confess!

"We have brought you here to confess to your crimes and make you pay the price for the pain you have inflicted on others" said a deep voice.

"Okay Aadi, you can stop using the voice changer" commented Anu.

"I'm not using a voice changer" clarified Aadi.

"Um guys, hello. Yeah, hi. I'm Ted Sarandos. I have a company named Netflix to run, can you maybe let me go? Please?" said the captive.

"Nahi" they both let out a low chuckle as Anu pointed the light at Ted's face.


"Oh, look I'm sorry, I ate the last cookie at the party-" started off Ted in a guilty voice.

"No not that you dimwit, why did you cancel-" Aadi starts to interject but Reed Hastings cuts both of them off "YOU ATE THE LAST COOKIE, YOU MEANIE. WE ARE THE CO-FOUNDERS OF NETFLIX, AND TILL DATE YOU HAVEN'T LEARNT HOW TO SHARE!"

"SILENCE! You are cutting me like you cut the series short" replied Aadi as his voice started breaking towards the end of the sentence.

"Coming back to the point, why do you guys keep on cancelling good shows?" said Anu as she rolled her eyes.

"Oh, you two are fans. See, Netflix loses movies and TV series every month because of the way that licensing deals work" replied Ted nonchalantly clearly, pissing Anu off.

"Are you just putting 2 random words together to convince us?" she clapped back.

"You see this? This is a poster of The Vampire Diaries, a treasure. You know how many teen girls will be sad if this gets harmed ,and especially if there's a rip on Damon's face? Confess to your crimes, Ted and Reed. Fix your mistakes.''

"Um Anu, The Vampire Diaries ended a few years ago. They harmed TVD with Legacies" subtly added Aadi.

"We had to make space for Hype House" said Reed.

"Hype House, what, who and why? HYPE HOUSE? THAT IS WHY YOU CANCELLED GREAT NEWS? I WAS MORE INTERESTED IN WHAT FINALLY HAPPENED BETWEEN KATHERINE AND GREG THAN A PART-TIME SHIRTLESS TIK TOKER!" snapped Aadi. "Damn, we never knew that people were that attached to the show" said Ted.

"It's so sweet, Teddie, look at the amazing platform we have created. To bond, to share, to en-" added Reed as he broke into tears.

"Yes yes, there there buddy" said Anu as she patted Reed's head.

"Look, we can't bring the show back but we can give you a lifetime free subscription" proposed Ted.

“Works, but I also need around 365 shirts signed by Rainn Wilson" bargained Aadi as Anu gave him a very questioning glance.

"One for each day of the year, after all, he was Dwight in The Office" he added. "And I want to meet the Bridgerton cast!" pitched in Anu.

"Yes, all your wishes and demands will be followed. After all, you two treated us so well" said Reed in a quavering voice.

"But we kidnapped you-" commented Aadi

"Aadi shush" said Anu as she nudged his shoulder to shut him up. "The pleasure is all ours", she smiled bashfully as she freed the co-founders' hands.


“Oh let’s try out our free subscription!” says Aadi as he starts logging in on the TV.

“Only for Mobile” flashes across the screen.

“THOSE CHEAP PEOPLE, NOOOO” yells Aadi in agony.

Author: Anubhi Srivastava and Aadi Bhatia

Editor: Charmee Purohit

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