With every passing year, we open our doors to change. Unkept resolutions from years ago to a variety of promises, we never fail to hail new beginnings with greater enthusiasm than ever before. December 31, the Last Hurrah!! Funny when you come to think of it, the rational scientific modern man still relies on a calendar day to resurrect himself, to embrace hope and enthusiasm. Pondering over the same for years, it does not make much sense. Afterall, new beginnings are just subjective to one’s mental makeup. When Jean Valjean decided to transform in fact transfigure himself, he did not wait for the beginning of a whole new year, neither did Jimmy Valentine take it as a clarion call to put an end to his thievery. A change starts with and within you. An open mind and a fiery passion are all that we need to create new beginnings.


Author: Janki N Editor: Tamanna

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