New Beginnings


A sense of perplexity combined with a hint of anxiety enthralls me as I begin to put down words for this piece. “What do i write?”, “How do I make it relatable?”, “Will people like it?”, “Will people hate it?” I keep looking at the blank paper and find it impossible to form sentences in my mind . As I fell down this spiral of thoughts that would’ve kept me bound to people’s expectations of me, I realised that THIS FEELING is what new beginnings are all about.

It’s about being tense to start afresh and not know what the end result will look like, it's about taking a risk and making an effort to start someplace, building a foundation for something remarkable. The uncertainty of not knowing what the eventual outcome will be is what lets our mind play with different ideas, feelings and thoughts and helps us explore a plethora of alternatives to find our calling. With every new thing we start, life gives us an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and maybe even find ourselves along the way.

So the next time you’re procrastinating about a “new beginning”, remind yourself of the magnificent sculptures you could mould yourself into, and just let go.


Author: Shreya P

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