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It is so weird that no matter how hard you try to get everything covered, something or the other is left behind because it's just too hard to manage. Entering adulthood is hard. 2 years ago all we had to do was attend school and play; nothing else- no drama, no responsibilities, no stress for the future. But now it's just so different, we have to manage school, household chores, self care, work, extra-curricular activities, social life, and mental health. And to top it all off, we don’t know who we are. We become adults and children varyingly according to the situation. When it comes to doing chores and taking responsibilities I am an adult, but literally the next second I have to ask to go for a sleepover because I'm not old enough. At this point I just want to get over with this part. Either make me a 10 year old or a 20 year old, because the 10 years between that are a huge “I don’t know what's happening” nightmare.

When you try to grow up and are willing to take up responsibilities and start exploring your talents, people give you that “Oh badi ho gayi hai” reaction. I mean, yes I am growing up, please let me. The worst part is when you fail the first few times, they try to bring you down by saying “I told you don’t try, you’re too young. I knew you won’t be able to.” No one is perfect the first time, let me fail a million times; it will help me stand up and work even harder to prove people like you wrong. I feel like the more you fall, the better you get by the next time. But again, you can only become better, not perfect.

When you try to enjoy your life, people give you that death stare that looks as if you have asked for their kidney. Why does the way I live my life affect them so much? Aunty, this is my life, let me enjoy it. You only live once and I don’t want to waste it being a healthy housewife who cooks, eats, sleeps and has 50 kids. No. I’ve got bigger dreams. Maybe I want to travel the world, maybe I want to live in a mansion in Hawaii, maybe I want to be crazy rich, maybe I don’t want to miss out on any experiences. Everybody has different dreams. Don’t judge me and give me that look without knowing why I’m doing what I’m doing. Meet me 5 years from now and you’ll know what I was doing when you were busy giving me that stare.

At the end we are all just in the middle of a huge “I don’t know what is happening” nightmare and trying to figure it out. Don’t be mad at people. There are chances they are going through something 20 times worse than you are.

Be kind and be yourself :)

Author: Danya

Editor: Anika Priyaranjan

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