Smooth, clean and frosty white

The way the snow keeps me in delight

The sky is dark and the ground is white

The jingling bells with sparkling lights.

The chaos around feels happy,

The fights as well depicts love

The hugs give warmth

And the cracks to be healed

The winters in those years

Gave happiness and peace

The jingling bells and the sparky lights

Made it one of my happiest days

Just when it all changed

The feet were cold and dull

The bells no longer jingled

The lights didn't sparkle

But all it does was moan for the wrong

Cry for the gone

And weep for the ones

Who hurt and went alone

Winters were no longer the best days

Not cozy but cold

Not warm but dull

A treasure which was sold

No gifts were found under that christmas tree like before,

The snow no longer was white but dull in the grey light

The dark sky no longer gave the sparkle of stars but the cry of darkness.


Author: Tamanna V Editor: Charmee P

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