I often look back

To the time when I was small;

And I always feel happy,

Thinking about the memories I recall.

Things were so simple

when I was a child,

There were no barriers and restriction;

My thoughts and I could together run wild.

There were no responsibilities,

No expectations from me;

Work was just role play,

I was whatever I wanted to be.

It was a world full of love,

There was no room for hate.

I wish I'd never grown older,

But who can escape their fate?

It was a wonderful time,

when friends were many and foes were none;

When Tom was the loser,

And Jerry always won.

I could ask a thousand questions,

I could freely speak my mind.

Oh, I feel so nostalgic,

For the time and memories I've left behind.

I know you want to go back so do I,

But there's nothing we can do;

But we can try to keep alive,

The child that's inside me and you.


Author: Manas Mehta

Editor: Ridhima Purwar

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