As I lay on my bed listening to music and staring into the void that is my ceiling, my mind is flooded with memories of the time when I was at my happiest. A montage of moments with my friends, coupled with the sound of endless laughter takes me back to when everything was as it should be - free.

I reminisce about jokes we cracked that made absolutely no sense to outsiders, but to us, it felt like our stomach couldn’t handle the bittersweet pain from all the laughter. I think about all the times we would have the cliche ‘3 am’ conversations at 7 in the evening and would take up the role of the insightful philosopher only to end up laughing at each other for being so pretentious. The continuous banter at sleepovers, the loud jamming sessions while listening to our favourite boy-band, impromptu trips to get ice cream, elaborate surprise parties for birthdays; this myriad of memories pulls me into a spiral that I don’t mind drowning in.

This wave of nostalgia subsides when I realise it’s only a matter of time before I get to be with them again. Until then, I’ll keep replaying these memories in my head, hoping that one day, this shadow of recollection transforms into something concrete and I’m back where I belong.

Author: Shreya Paul

Editor: None

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