Not a dream.

Knock Knock.

The sound of knuckles rapping at the door shook me out of my sleep. Seems that I dozed off whilst waiting for him. I let out a shuddering breath. My fingers and toes are frozen off. My whole body is pimpled with goosebumps because of the glacial temperature. The wind is raw and numbing. It feels like tiny little animals are biting my arms when the wind hits my skin. Everything feels cold and empty.

I slowly walk towards the door, shivering in his wake. My hand stops in its path to the doorknob, I feel my heart beating fast. So, so fast. My chest heaves with the pressure of the thumping of my heart. I force my fingers to clasp around the knob, turn it sideways and pull. Pull with the little strength I have left in me.

He was standing there, to finish what I started. The Devil. Lucifer. I let out a sob. I can't believe what I did. I should never have opened that book, nor recited those spells, runes, whatever. He leaned against the door frame and smirked. "You ready, love?" I couldn't stop sobbing. I pleaded with him to give me another chance, to forgive me. To overlook what I did. To not take my soul away.

"Oh sweetheart, how I wish. But, I can't. Oh, don't look at me that way; it was your fault," he said in a bland, toneless voice. My eyes widened. I looked to my left and right, hoping to find some escape, but all I saw were closed doors. No way for me to run from my fate. I began to hyperventilate; the world was spinning around me, images flashing before my eyes. My head hurt, my knees buckled, I heard the thud when my knees made contact with the cold, hard wooden floor. My vision was blurry. My mouth was open in silent screams. My hands clawed at my eyes and I tore my hair out. Everything hurt. Oh, it hurt! Daddy! Mummy! Please, please help me!

I blacked out.

My eyes open to the serene white pastel colour of my wallpaper. I sigh in relief. It was all just a nightmare. A really, really scary nightmare.

"Ah, you're finally awake!" I hear a deep masculine voice call from the other side of the room. Who was this man? And how long was I out like a bulb for?

I crane my head to the side and try to find the source of the voice. My eyes meet with the man and freeze. The horns, the smirk, the tattoos, the cruel glint in his eye. Lucifer Morningstar. The Devil. He is here. That means it was.... not a dream.

It was all real, he will kill me, he will take my soul away.

And I scream. As loud as I can.

It was not a dream.

Author: Saptaparna Cakraborty

Editor: Ananya Chaure

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