Not a phoenix just yet


Don't pick up the pieces just yet;

Let them be for a while.

Don't try to fix me just yet;

Let me be for a while.

Everything isn't okay just yet;

Let the solemnity have its day.

Everything doesn't make sense just yet;

Let reason, for once, have it's say.

The fallout isn't over just yet;

There's mistakes that haunt me still;

The regret hasn't left me just yet.

There's tremors that crumble me still;

Tears haven't really flowed just yet.

Even though I want to cry;

Fears haven't really left just yet.

Even though I want to try.

Don't call me a phoenix just yet;

I'm still engulfed in the blaze.

My ashes haven't fallen just yet;

I'm still blundering through the haze;

No. I'm not a phoenix just yet.


Author: Anshul Parekh

Editor: Zoyah Virani

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