not another greek tragedy

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

"you're a manipulative bitch", said every man before.

only because i wanted them to love me a bit more.

what's the harm that a bit of magic can do?

until they wake up in my arms and they're all confused.

"wasn't i leaving?"

"you're staying, that's what you were saying."

if only my sugar-coated words of deception worked.

as much as the incense inside my soul burned.

i've been trying to fall asleep for the past few months,

but your face, your laugh- that i've never met, comes all at once.

i wrote your name in the clouds,

but you never come, so it never counts.

i've been waiting for you for a while.

then one day, your ship sunk down and you swam for miles and miles.

that's when i felt my heartbeat coming to revival.

survival, survival, my love is your survival.

you showed up with

glory and grace,

with that look of heroism

glowing on your face.

you're in your armour, like all the other men.

i'm a charmer, but it never worked on you, like it did with them.

it took time and

it took real pain.

it took becoming a better person,

to get someone to trust me again.

awoke one night

in cold sweat.

thought you left with the gold fleece,

once you fought the beasts.

but you're right here,

with no daisy chains near.

other men i've encountered, i've loved them for what they could give

but i love you for the things we share.

dying with you, is dying with honour;

so for now, i choose to live.

Author:- Gayathri Nair

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