Not Just Make Believe

Laying lazily wrapped in a blanket

Cozy and warm I was

When I felt a light tug near my feet

I lifted my head, only to find a skinny hand

I rose with a start and saw a little man by the edge of my bed

Wait, are his ears pointed?

Is he an elf? But...

Giving me no time to get a grasp of the situation,

He beckoned me to come with him

Spellbound, I followed him unquestioning to a door

A door that didn’t exist here

He took my hand in his tiny palm and led me to...

Where was I?

The land, the trees, everything is covered in snow

Is that a fountain? It’s frozen in the most beautiful shape ever

Staring into the distance, I see a bridge

Oh! It’s the most amazing bridge ever

I run and walk on it

Beneath a river, now frozen, but only at the surface

The ice, clear as a crystal, contains within fishes of all colours and sizes

I cross the bridge to a similar landscape with a hut

A wee little hut standing in solitude in this white world

A certain gravity pulled me towards it

The door opened magically with a creak, as if it had been waiting for me

Inside was the coziest place one could find

The aroma of garlic bread filled my nostrils

The crackling sound from the fireplace was a sweet melody to the ears

The sound of feet waddling behind me indicated someone’s arrival

Turning around, I saw an old bearded man with a hunch on his back

His eyes were mysterious yet calm

It felt as if an ocean of wisdom lies within them

He approached me with wobbly legs

And said, “ Child, the daughter of Adam and Eve, welcome to An Geamhradh

His voice captivated me, as if I was in a stance

“ We have waited for you for a century

The sole heir to our kingdom,

Yet it seems we shall have to wait for a few more winters

To celebrate your coronation.

You shall go to the mortal world now

And shall return only when the snowflake turns blue.”

With these words, he put a pendant around my neck

That carried a single snowflake in a glass sphere.

Before I could ask all the questions that were crowded in my head

I felt myself being pulled into an unknown vortex

And suddenly there was blackness all around.

I woke up with a start, panting and drenched in sweat

Gulping down some water from the bottle on the table, I rushed to the washroom.

I could hear my mother singing the familiar birthday song as she walked through the door

Behind her, was a man dressed in a posh black suit

Cupping my face in her hands, mother kissed my forehead

And said, “Happy Birthday, My Princess.”

Then she turned towards the man, who handed her a red box

My mother kept on speaking, but nothing reached my ears

I kept staring at the man, who was a stranger yet seemed eerily familiar

I came to my senses with the sound of the box opening

“And here is a token of our love,

Something your father had handed me over just before his death.

It was his wish that you wear this on your sixteenth birthday.”

Saying this my mother put around a gold chain with a pendant around my neck

Thanking my mom, I looked closely at the pendant, and...

And, wait, that cannot be

A single snowflake glistened within.

Dumbfounded and perplexed, I looked up at the man

His calm eyes and serene smile hid something

Just as our eyes met, he winked at me.

I, unable to move or speak, stared blankly at him.

Author: Debosmita Routh Editor: Shreya P

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