Not so secret confessions

It’s funny that we tend to overlook the fact that most songs are confessions.

They're professions of love, declarations of war, expressions of hatred. They’re stories with secrets that unfold. And singers capitalize on this by including ‘Easter Eggs’ in their anticipated releases, making the confessions all the more exciting.

Singers who famously do so often include Taylor Swift, whose music videos are brilliant portraits inside her mind and complement her songs fabulously. For example, her entire Reputation album - most songs had a plethora of easter eggs, such as snakes to imply her feud with Kanye; and her release ‘Styles’ had none too subtle allusions to one famous pop icon and their on-off fling (“You’ve got that long-haired, slicked-back white T-shirt; We never go out of Style”). Olivia Rodrigo took the teenage world by storm when she exposed Joshua Bassett for breaking her heart, confessing that she was still very much in love (“You’re probably with that blonde girl; ‘Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street”). Eminem is infamous for confessing his dark and turbulent relationship with his mother and substance abuse through hard-hitting, cold verses (“My mom loved Valium and lots of drugs, that’s why I’m like I am, ‘cause I’m like her” ; “What hurts me most is you won't admit you was wrong, keep telling yourself that you was a mom”). Closer home, Dharavi rappers like DIVINE confess the levels of poverty they were subjected to (“Jab doodh nahi hai ghar pe phir kuch nahi aata yaad” ; “Dabbe mein paisa tha ab teen bank account hai”).

I think it takes tremendous courage to do that. It’s not easy to put yourself out there so wholly, letting people dissect your deepest emotions and innermost feelings, discuss their validity as if they get to decide. It’s not easy to let strangers into the small crevices you want to keep tucked away forever; bad memories and traumatic incidents and dark childhoods. It takes strength to tell not a few, but thousands, millions of people how you truly feel, what you’ve been through. And I think that’s amazing.

Author: Ananya Chaure

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