Now that you have fallen so deeply in love

Now that you have fallen so deeply in love, do you fear that it will fade away?

Because you know that nothing good has lasted that long for you, ever.

You know, a part of you is always prepared to be broken. Even though you will be miserable when it happens, you are also aware that it's a possibility that can knock on your door without a whisper or a warning; and you know when the day comes you will be down on your knees with a broken heart, not knowing which piece to pick up first.You will be broken beyond repair.

But even after knowing all of this, you still take the risk of loving the same person everyday, no questions asked, because that is how much you love them, and you know that a part of you will always be prepared to be broken.

Author: Jia Bakshi

Editor: Manas Mehta

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