One Last Poem

it’s been more than two years

since I joined this team

to me you’re more than peers

but as the third term ends

there’s lots of goodbyes to be said

so here’s a message for my friends :)

to karan, krisha, anubhi

and my wife ananya

you made term two so fun for me

I couldn’t ask for better folk

to be partners with

and I miss our jokes

and nandini please

yes we’ll still message and music

it’s not that easy to get rid of me, geez

also to the people that were once part of my team

I’m really really grateful for your help

working together was such a dream

sec 3.0 I’m proud of you

for doing all you can from your first ever day

you all really grew :D

shanaya, vedant, amrita

you were such great heads and if you need reminders

just ask people in excreta ;)

I can’t forget team duality

you deserve great rounds of applause

you acted amazing as a different personality

mrudul, nats and riya kadu

and chinmai, jia, hirday, stuti, srushti, mikasha

so many more names I could spew

I loved getting to know you all

and so when I finally confess

I hope that you don't bawl ;)

once this term finally ends, I’ll be leaving ecritture

( p.s. amrita sorry for doing your name dirty oop )

Author: Suditi Mukadam

Editor: Ananya Chaure

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