One Sided


The one I write about in all my stories

When we first met it was nothing less than a bollywood movie. A boy who was stuck in a lift full of boxes and a girl who stepped on your toes, and as your football gloves fell and our gazes locked, I should have known that day itself cause the second my heart skipped a beat, I was a gone case.

We then met on the bus stop again and gosh I was so embarrassed. I kept on thinking this is the same guy whose toes I had stepped on and didn't apologize , he must be thinking I’m weird, but suddenly you said hi.

‘Hi, new around here? How about I show you around sometime?’. That’s all it took for it to start.

When we started going out, it was a tragic fail, I know you agree. We lacked maturity, ignored each other after every fight, never understood each other’s point of views. We were two egositical arses.

I tried, okay? But when the communication started to fade, everything started to fade. It all just ended with a classic ‘we can still be friends, right?’

From the clumsy 6th graders to the responsible 9th graders, we grew up. Every friendship day I still wait for your friendship band. You always saved me a seat next to you on the bus. You were always there when I wanted to vent. I miss reading books out aloud to you as you pretended to be asleep on my shoulder. I miss dancing in the rain with you. For you were my best friend first then my ex. You still know me better than anyone, sometimes better than I know myself, to be honest.

Then she entered our lives, you treated her so well, like a queen. Hugs, kisses and love, you showered on her all . It was during the time you started dating her that I realised you liked love letters and corny romantic one liners. You know what’s the worst part, she was my best friend. From setting you guys up on dates to daily third wheeling I was there for you, even when she broke your heart into pieces, I was there for you.

That day when she was dancing on your feet with our song on repeat, I cried. Not because it was a sappy romantic moment instead because I could never make you smile like she did. How could I tell you that it was this very moment that I wish it was me instead of her, the moment I realised I never stopped loving you? It breaks my heart whenever you look into her eyes, full of love and longing. For you may never admit it, you still like her.

Someone truly said, if two past lovers are friends, either they were never in love or still are, for I never stopped loving you. I became a cold hearted player, jumping from one person to the next, for unreciprocated love can turn a person into a monster. I unintentionally still base every lover in my stories as you.

Everyone in the hallways still points at us and whispers ‘they are meant to be,’ are we truly? Your mom still asks me whenever we meet, what happened beta, why don’t you come home?’ but you ignore me nowadays, and I don’t know why. It's killing me from the inside. Life has been tough, things aren't easy as you described. Call me soon?

Our story is nothing less than a bollywood movie, full of tragedy. As flimy as it may be when you loved someone and had to let them go, there will always be that small part of yourself that whispers, “What was it that you wanted and why didn’t you fight for it?


An author that just writes tragedies.

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