Our Elements


Blazing, burning, benevolent and beautiful.

A captivating dance of energy

A pillar and killer of life.

It reflects passion, anger, heat

The need for control

And the power of light and life.

Always have a fire in your heart

So you can lead with light and warmth

And never be cold and dark.


Fluid, connected, calming and damning

A rush of coolness and clarity

Flexible and crystal clear

With enough potential to drown you

And the courtesy to clean you of all your filth

The true Elixir of Life

The real Master of Mercy.

Let your mind mimic the modesty of water,

Let it be ever-moving and transparent

So that you may adapt and conquer

Or morph and heal in all times of life.


Grounded, firm, reliable and balanced

The support under our feet

Grand and grave, terrifying and necessary

Useful in too many ways to state

And a constant in times of change

Let your body be as tough and sturdy as the earth,

Let it be itself

And treat it with the respect of mountains and earthquakes

Make it strong and bold and it will never fail you.


Majestic, fascinating, omnipresent and all-knowing

A wild flurry of whispers and screams

Flailing and flirting with streams and flowers

Reassuring gusts of wind tangling in your hair

with an inexplicable peace that will always calm you

The soul is just like the air

Filled with tornadoes and storms that can settle

To breezes of love and the stillness of tranquility

May your soul be as refreshing as a breath of air

And may you find content in its soft, harsh and confusing ways.

Writer: Iffah Peerzada

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