Path of Flowers

She walked down a path of flowers as always,

Never knowing, never understanding,

Pain was never her companion.

She walked down a path of flowers

There were no thorns piercing her feet,

No scabs on her skin.

The petals lay before her, inviting.

Soft as a breeze,

They would never dare to hurt her.

She walked down a path of flowers as always,

Clearing the way for more to come,

Invigorating them with her boundless energy.

She walked down a path of flowers,

It came to her as easy as laughter did,

But that peace would never reach me.

Everything she had, I could not,

Everything she loved, I dared not,

For the path that awaited me had no room for love.

She is blessed, but she doesn’t know it.

They say knowledge is power,

But what good is wit without destiny?

The fate that challenges me is unconquerable,

There are no flowery paths to follow,

No peals of laughter guiding the way.

I wish, I grieve, I beg, I plead,

They gave to her in abundance,

What they could not spare for me.

Is it petty?

Is it petty to say that sometimes I hate her,

The girl who gets to walk down the path of flowers?

Author: Suditi Mukadam

Editor: Ishwari Tilekar

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