Perfect Imperfections

Our love was not

Black and white for

It had its ups and downs and what not

But we made it this far.

Our love was not

What one may refer to

As a love so perfect

But we were together- meant to be.

And so we got through

The tides of insecurities

The storms of jealousy

The dusk of fights

And the buts, ifs and mights.

This love of varied hues

Did for eternity survive

And our love still thrives

Every time we vows exchange

And say sweet phrases in the day's range.

Our love shall only grow

For the years to come, for infinity

And everything that life at us throws

Shall be by our solidity

Dodged and passed for

We have celebrated our flaws.

We are strong as hellfire

In this world with angels wired

For the girl in the mirror

And I, have never been braver

Our secret- well, we have but

The power of self-love learnt!

Author: VR Kapse

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