Prostitutes -'A Blessing in Disguise'


The standard outlook that we have when this word is heard or said is highly judgemental and incredibly negative. These woman who are out there making money off just something that the entire world low key desires. She is despised by the older generation and judged by ours. Excuse that have been mentioned rather often for not respecting them is - The one who does not respect herself does not deserve respect by anyone. We are ignorant of the fact that this is no ones first choice or rather anyone's choice at all. These poor woman land in this dark place not out of choice but out of having no choice at all. They are the victims of the failed economy and system. Having to wear a seductive smile each and every day, being poked by many, being the submissive or dominating as demanded is beyond exhausting. They are superheroes without a Cape for they prevent Rapes, they do not back out of the responsibility.They walk in the insensitive, heartless and dreadful profession to live. Like Darwin said it is the survival of the fittest and they are survivors. They are the Unsung Heroes. "Prostitutes are necessity. Otherwise men would have attacked decent woman on streets." -Napoleon Bonaparte -Saman Chaudhary


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