Pure Cent

Author: Khushi Johari


‘Oh! what an year it has been’

Wake up bro, it’s a new year

A change of spear

It’s year twenty-twenty…

What started as a normal year

Soon turned into a trail of fear

To get everything on bid


Lockdowns, emotional and mental breakdowns

This year has been full of ups & downs

Protests, accidents, disasters & calamities

People praying for God’s pity

When things seemed to improve

A new strain of COVID came into the groove

Whom to complaint? Whom to lament?

Oh man! You are responsible for this pure cent

But it’s still time

To change the rhyme

2020 can be a game changer

For the history will note

It taught humans

To be close to nature

Be humble

Be gentle

Follow your passion

Don’t supress your emotions

Be cautious

And protect the precious…

Oh man, don’t close your ear

Learn from this year

Otherwise, nothing will be left in your eyes but tears


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