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power and love are opposites. but are they?

don’t the people who you love have control over you? more so than anyone else? because they become your weakness. your blind spot. your Achilles’ heel. and the worst part is, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it.

you will always be at your most vulnerable where they’re concerned. always forget all rationality, all reason if they're in danger. we all have that one person, or those people that cause our brains to short circuit and fill with heart-clenching worry on their behalf. there’s absolutely no point denying it.

and then, they have power over you in yet another way. they know your deepest, darkest secrets, your abysmal flaws, your well-guarded insecurities. they know what makes you tick, just how to wind you up, just how to hurt you irreversibly. they have a cautiously laid out map, intricately detailed, to plot your slow descent and ultimate emotional demise, if they simply desired to.

knowledge is power, they say. then isn’t this the ultimate kind?

they say those who truly love you would relinquish that power. never harness that dangerous control that beckons at their fingertips. but how could you ever be sure? how could you believe that they won’t be lured into the tantalizing web of lies and control? lesser men have succumbed in the face of it.

what makes you trust so implicitly, closing your eyes to this Pandora’s box of treachery? I wonder if it’s naïveté or a truly brilliant array of loved ones.

or possibly, you're well aware of the chances of this happening, but you’re prepared to face the circumstances. brave enough to bear the stinging slap of betrayal, to pick up the shards of your heart and glue them together and heal. I’d say you’re a much braver person than me.

for we all know, power is the shield of the weak; control is a coward’s excuse.

Author: Ananya Chaure

Editor: Suditi Mukadam

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