queens and beer

“Do you think this is the best place to meet? It stinks here,” I said, kicking the stool in my way.

“Oh princess, we commoners don’t have fancy gardens to drink tea, and whether you agree or not, the tea sucks,” smiled Georgia. Okay, I am going to kill her.

“You say one more word and I am going to kill you. They are searching for your ass, you know that right?” I smirked, leaning forward.

“I am going to escape, like always,” she smirked back. Yup, she was wanted, she had been on the run since she was fourteen.

“How are you my sister!?” I banged on the table, frustrated.

“You know I should say that right? Because well, you’re adopted and I am their real daughter,” she said, flipping her golden locks. Ouch.

“I am still here looking out for you, what do you want from me?”

“We’ll talk about me later, let’s talk about you” she offered, ordering a beer.

“Did the beer already affect you?” I chuckled, ordering one for myself.

“When’s the crowning ceremony?” she asked, ignoring me. Yes, I was going to get crowned since Miss Georgia had decided to run away.

“Within a week,” I replied back, thanking the bartender.

“Hmm okay,” she gulped her beer, drinking half of it, “How good will the security be?”

“Do you think I’m crazy? Do you really think I will tell you that?”

“Yes, yes you will” she replied, finishing off her beer.

“No, I will not. Anything else you want to know?”

“Um, how’s everyone?” she asked hesitantly.

“Everyone? You need to specify, the soldiers, ministers, king, queen–” I mocked her.

“Mom and dad,” she cut me off, rolling her eyes.

“They’re good, mom’s been tense about this whole crowning ceremony, dad is calling in even more soldiers because of yo–”

“And you weren’t going to tell me, right?” she chuckled, taking my beer away.

“God I hate you, and give me my beer back,” I huffed.

“Nah, I am rewarding myself,” she slapped my hand, shaking it off.

“Okay well, my job’s not yet completed. Now I know you’re going to be a queen, you will not get time to come and see me anymore, not that I am going to miss you but–”

“Come to the point, Georgia!”

“The point being, be a genuine and true queen, don’t change, because people do,” she said, smiling- a genuine one. Did anyone tell her that smiles look amazing on her?

There was silence, none of us speaking; we both were thinking something, I could sense it.

“Um, I have a question. How are you okay with all of this? Me being crowned queen, and you being okay with it?” I asked.

“Do you know who told mom and dad to adopt you? Guess, you’ll get a million bucks for it,”

“You?” I questioned, jokingly.

“Ta-da! you get a million bucks, not that you need any–”

“You were the one?” I asked, my mouth agape.

“Of course I was, are you dumb?” she said, picking her nails.

“And how-how are you okay with all of this? Why are you running away? You know you can come back, and they’ll accept you, right?” I asked her, more like begged.

“First off, I never wanted the throne, never. Being of royal blood is not fun,” she rolled her eyes. “They - they control your life as though you’re puppets, invisible strings pulling you. Don’t bend your back and walk, wear clothes that look appropriate for a princess, put the kingdom before anything. I couldn’t do it. And trust me running away is one of my best decisions ever, I am more of the adventurous kind, you can make that out obviously,” she said pointing to herself.

“Yes, I do miss it sometimes, but isn’t adventure better? What is life when you’re already given rules to live it? The moment you’re born they arrange your marriage to the neighbouring kingdom, they add restrictions to things that you can’t even think of doing in your wildest dreams, forbidding you from being yourself. God, you’re lucky they abolished that marriage law,” she said with disgust.

“Who were they going to marry you to?”

“Prince Adam ughh,” she groaned.

“Okay, but he is just not right. You can call him bratty,” I rolled my eyes.

“And snobby and such a flirt!” she exclaimed, laughing.

“But I wanted to live a life with my own rules. And if there is anyone I miss the most, it is you. But you do check up on me, don’t you?” she smiled.

“Georgia, I need to go now. I just wanna say that I am thankful to you for everything you’ve done for me. I promise you I’ll make things right,” I said, placing my hand over hers.

“You don’t need to, I am going to be leaving from here, we’re burning this chapter of my life, this place haunts me,” she laughed.

“You’re leaving?” I asked, shocked.

“Just a change of air, I’ll come back when you need me,”

“Do you really need to?”

“As I said this place haunts me,” she said in an obvious tone.

“You’ll be coming to the ceremony right?” I asked, crossing my fingers.

“Of course I will, why else do you think I asked about the security?” she smirked, walking out of the bar.

Author: Mahira Pathania

Editor: Delisha Sethi

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