Realms of love

They say that love is a beautiful thing.

But if love is so beautiful, why is it that it hurts?

What if it's merely attraction and not love? How do I truly know if I'm in love?

What if I can never learn to love the right way?

What if I'm just too complicated to even be loved anymore?

Perhaps, the fault is all mine.

What if I was the one making the wrong choices all along?


Maybe love isn't that beautiful after all. Perhaps, love lies in accepting the imperfections. Perhaps, it's hidden in the little things that we often miss out on.

We never really learnt to love the right way, did we? Is this where our forever ends?

Is this where we part ways?

Is this where our night changes?

Or is this the part where we stay for a little while longer and hold onto each other, even if it is for the very last time?

// We're only getting older baby, Does it ever drive you crazy;

Just how fast the night changes. //

Love like this doesn't always have a beginning.

Love like this doesn't always come to an end.

Maybe, I'll see you another day.

And maybe then, we'll be able to tell each other how wrong we were to end this. I'm scared about this, won't you change our minds and make me stay?

// If happy ever after did exist,

I would still be holding you like this;

All those fairy tales are full of it,

One more stupid love song, I'll be sick. //

{ Song Lyrics Referenced:

-Night changes: One Direction

- Payphone: Maroon 5, Wiz Khalifa }

Author: Amrita Pillai

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