Remember Me

One fault of mine

Or rather one step

Which I believed was then fine

Now in my heart has it crept

For I know now what you always meant to me

For I comprehend now we were meant to be

They say time heals one’s scars

They say time heals your pain

But what if it was your heart that was marred

Will we ever be the same?

I wish I could reach out to you

Every time that I cried

But I was aware of what I did to you

And my feelings I did try to hide

My decisions were horribly wrong

And I am reminded of that by every song

But I wish I could now change

Our present and future for that’s in our range

I do not wish to let you go

But every second am I now haunted by this thought

For I just cannot let you go

But I do not believe you will trust my thoughts

Just know that I do wish the best for you

And that I shall forever be there for you

But I am afraid for I have broken you one time

But I hope you think of me yet another time

One fault of mine and we went

From something we knew to something we do not

If only I could make you see

The change that this time has brought in me

I love you and I know you know

But there is only one hope which in my heart is sowed

I hope that when you are ready

Just once please do remember me.

Authors: VR Kaspe and Adit J

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