Rhythm /ˈrɪð(ə)m/

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Rhythm, pattern, flow, beat, cadence, periodic, system, sequence.

All of these words mean the same thing. According to the dictionary definition, rhythm is a “strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound.”

Rhythm is the periodic pattern of movements and sound. Ask someone where they see rhythm in their daily lives and they’ll say the beats of music, or the tempo of a dance choreography (ignoring that one kid who inevitably falls and just lies there). But to me, rhythm is everywhere we choose to see it. It’s not limited to song or dance.

For me, it’s in all the little things and habits we have. Whether it’s the way you get up at 7am every day (or when your mom pours cold water on you until you wake up), or the way your grandad reads the morning paper religiously, or maybe the way the little sparrow comes to your windowsill every afternoon at 2 pm, we all see a rhythm, a pattern in our lives. We see it in the way we move, the way we spend our days, the way we do the smallest of tasks. Everyone has their own personal rhythm, the soundtrack to their life (mine would be ‘I’m a mess’, I think the name says it all). Having consistency is so important, one day of a different schedule can throw you off your game. You thrive in the rhythm of your life, because it is tried and tested, and a safe place for you. Often, even a little bit of change wreaks havoc for us all.

Some people find their rhythm in music, the beats and soulful melodies making it their safe place. Whereas some people might find it in journaling, going back home (or should I say making the trip from your laptop to your bed now?) every day and being able to pour their heart out in their journal would be their way of coping, and a consistent thing they look forward to. It’s this very rhythm and consistency of our lives that keeps us sane. It’s the sense of familiarity when you do something and the adrenaline rush when you try something new.

People will tell you that consistency is boring and change is good, (which I am in no place to deny since I’ve been changing my position lying down in my bed every 3 minutes for the past hour), but backache aside, haven’t we all seen those movies about how the rich pop star goes back to her country town and find herself again?(*cough* Hannah Montana *cough*) It shows us no matter how much change we have in our life, we always enjoy knowing and having a safety blanket where we know all will be the same, and where we can go back to if we wish to find our rhythm again. Now, if you’re reading this and thinking, ‘But I haven’t found my pattern’ or ‘I don’t have a rhythm yet in my life beside 5 hours of online school’, then don’t fret (I sense a guitar joke somewhere in there), because after all not all rhythms are perfect, and we all need some tuning. (Dare I say I’m on a roll?)

Author: Adwita Chaure

Editor: Anika Priyaranjan

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