“Romanticizing anonymous”

There are days when my mind trips over your open shoelaces

And goes, “Oh hey, I love you”

It decides to romanticise you, your love and my heart,

And ends up breaking into cotton candy pieces;

For the fear of losing you.

But then you point up to the clouds,

And to the little tattoo on my wrist and say, “Hey you love clouds so much you got them tattooed on the same place you used to slit your wrists”

And, “Can I kiss it?”

And I feel like my world is on fire

Because you make me feel so alive.

I see you crying and ask you if we can hold hands on Jupiter,

And the most beautiful smile graces your face.

As your eyes drip poison and I think to myself

“When will you leave?”

But then you stare at me a little longer than necessary and I simply unravel before your existence.

I used to think that love was dancing under the rain

But you took that concept away and threw it off the highest cliff,

Because when it came to you,

Love was sinning in pools filled with molten rubies

And rooftop hopping under meteor showers;

It was tapping my feet to the rhythm of the thunderstorm raging outside

And the paper planes with poetry scribbled on top,

Thrown to the other side of the room.

Love with you was romanticizing life to such extremes where I felt we achieved nirvana,

And everyone looked at us like we were dead souls meant for redemption,

But really, all we were,

Were swirling energies filled with a love otherworldly.

But then again what do I know what love is like when I’ve never even met you.

Author: Himadri Krishna

Editor: Nitya Binu

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