Run deer, run afar

Run deer, run afar.

The hunter won’t stop until you’re far enough.

“He has a gun!” or so your dying mother bellowed among many others.

She shook with terror at every shot that the crusty mad man took at her.

The vast snow on which her carcass lay is now the deathbed of a once thriving herd of reindeers.

“Run deer, run afar” the ebbing herd called from pools of red and snow.

Run deer, run afar.

You aren’t far enough.

The sound of the axe and saw is still echoing in the silence of this kindred valley,

On such a night you will witness the jungle coming to life.

You’ve heard the revving of the motor saw before, you know what it’s used for.

The sight of the bloodbath and the insides of your mother splashing out in the cold makes you fearful, but

Oh deer, you must run afar.

Run deer, run afar.

You’re approaching the edge of the woods, stop now.

Parched and famished you so predictably are. Oh how heavenly it would be to acquire a drop of your mother’s milk- the potion of life that made your bones strong enough to carry you this far.

Alas! Your mother is dead and food is scarce.

Please make do with whatever is left.

Don’t look back and don’t ever go back.

The scarlet snow and the severed spirits of the hornless will haunt all ground.

Deer oh deer, you weren’t asked to go this far.

A busy freeway is no field, but not once did you cease to investigate the bustle and the brightness coming from the urban jungle before you.

Oh poor deer, what will become of you?

What will the monsters make out of you?

Author : Vedant Vaswani

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