You see this mark on my arm? It’s a mark that I made

When I was feeling so low and hurt, I cut with a blade

To punish myself for being an anxiety ridden mess

Though there’s my testament, I must confess.

Every time I see these scars on my arms, legs and chest

It makes me realise I was in a place of no rest

I feel horrible about leaving this permanent token

For now I’ll remember that I was so broken.

But it’s okay because seeing these scars helps me see

That I survived so much trauma and now I’m free

But this is still happening to others so I ask you to stand with me and fight

To show all these demons that what they’re doing isn’t right.

I managed to win the battle of good versus bad

And I’m still alive and no longer depressed or sad

This here on my arm, it’s a mark of my survival

I got through my hate and beat myself- my rival.

Author: Arushi Deshpande

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