Secret Garden


Welcome to the secret garden “It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sun” Just as Frances Burnett said. It is thoughts upon thoughts and dreams upon dreams. The carefree blooming of flowers The wild growth of grass It is the chirping of sparrows and the whistling of parrots. Your heart is as tender as the petals of a blooming tulip Your soul, deeper than the deepest well that waters your garden Your mind, sharper than the thorns of a rose stem Nurture your garden Water every plant, every seed, every tree Watch it grow But beware! Be careful! Tread slowly! Don’t stomp on the touch-me-not’s and clover patches that grow among bushes. Gently pluck the weeds in the soil So as to not hurt the saplings The garden is your sanctity Respect your garden. Be gentle with it, For it will bring you peace and happiness, The garden is your little secret. It is yours to cultivate. Be wise, be kind to your garden For it will bring you strength and hope.

- Zoyah Virani.


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