Learning to love yourself becomes one of the toughest things to do when all you see as you look at yourself, is the assortment of imperfections which provoke you to scrutinise every part of yourself with the most critical eye. From the way your chin creases when you laugh, the tummy rolls which emerge after enjoying a wholesome meal, to the incomplete fragments of poetry written on a day you were teeming with emotion and sketches scribbled on a piece of paper; it becomes so easy to point out every flaw and put yourself down for it.

What we need to realise, is that even though it takes some time to get thoroughly ingrained in our minds, it is okay to be vulnerable enough to accept our flaws for what they are because that is what makes us human, what makes us real. Every “imperfection”, every “flaw”, every small thing that makes you feel like you do not deserve to be loved is what comes together to paint a canvas bursting with colour in a world that is so obsessed with the idea of grey that it forgets to appreciate the rainbow.


Author: Shreya Paul

Editor: Achala

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