sentiments of a child

may 23 , 2001.

i broke my toy today.

it made me really, really upset.

blue stayed by my side.

he seemed upset too.

we both cried until mommy gave us candy.

may 29, 2001.

a girl in my kindergarten class brought that new dolly that was released.

i really wanted it.

but mommy said no.

green laughed at me before looking enviously at the girl.

it seemed that green wanted it as well.

april 5th, 2001.

i was still sad about not getting that toy, but mommy said that i had many other toys to play with.

but i didn't want those toys!

red agreed, and we both threw a tantrum.

mommy got mad too.

her face turned all red - she looked like red!

suddenly, yellow ran into the room.

yellow hugged me.

red had a weird look on her face, before leaving the room.

why didn't red stay?

march 9, 2008.

my birthday's coming up.

mom asked what i wanted, but i didn't know.

all the other kids in my class have a phone, but i honestly could care less.

if my classmates had something to say to me, just say it the next day at school.

i don't want to talk to them at all times.

march 11, 2008.

mom said that i should get a hobby.

a hobby?

she said it was something like playing a sport, or writing.

yellow suggested that i should draw.

"it's a good way to let out all your emotions. it's colorful, fun, and tranquil!"

at least, that's what she said.

but i'm always happy whenever yellow speaks, so i took her advice.

i should go ask mom for some drawing supplies...

march 20, 2008.

i hate drawing.

i'm no good at it.

i tried painting something the other day, but it just wouldn't work out.

at the beginning, yellow cheered me on with a bright smile on his face.

so then red came. and red tore up the drawing.

i yelled at her, why did she do that?!

it wasn't looking good, but maybe i could've fixed it!

at least, that's what i wanted to believe.

blue visited me that day, he had a sad smile.

i cried with blue.

and together, we shoved my art supplies in the closet.

maybe i should try something else.

but in the corner of my eye,

i saw a color that i've never seen before.


Author: Taylor

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