She loves control

she loves control.

but it doesn’t mean she wants things perfectly in order.

she just wants them her way.

that magnetic pull of precious power.

some might call it vanity, but maybe it's the certainty of the fruits of her labour,

the Herculean 110% effort she puts into everything.

it’s also because it’s safe. so predictable,so easy to confront and solve and fix.

the power to simply do as she pleases;

no one to answer to.

the fierce flames of an independent spirit burn within, thriving under these opportunities.

leadership, power, authority, control.

such negative connotations for such striking words.

what if the answer was far simpler than what is perceived?

passion. junoon. unmatchable intensity and fiery determination. resolute beliefs and relentless drive.

passion is a power that we overlook. misunderstand. gloss over. a cautiously varnished drug, presented as a forgivable misdeed.

“It was a crime of passion, far from a coolly planned murder.” and the crowd will sigh understandingly.

but passion, while not the calculated control we are prone to seeing, is still an alarming display of power.

and maybe, it’s the most terrifyingly potent of them all.

maybe that’s why, when you combine them both, it’s a combustible explosion.

she loves control.

she also loves power.

not to mention, she oozes passion.

just how do they plan to ever stop her?

Author: Ananya Chaure

Editor: Anubhi Srivastava

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