School, 10th Grade

I love my life, It’s everything I ever wanted - good grades and an amazing social life. But only I know what it took for me to get there. I remember being in the 5th grade, all silent and shy, looking forward to going home even before the first class started. I saw it all through the years, while I was changing and growing up, others around me were doing the same. The only problem was that nobody was innocent anymore; the lies got thicker, the rumours increased and became worse and worse day by day. People no longer wanted to play with clay and do origami, the games were now notorious, they wanted to play truth or dare, they wanted to hear secrets just to spread more rumours and backbitch with their friends or about their friends. Everyone was hiding something, was it a truth or a lie, no one will ever know, but guess what, the person or the group with the highest number of rumours and secrets was considered to be the most famous and at the top of the gossip chain. The most disturbing truth that nobody ever said out loud was, everyone wanted to be at the top at some point, few craved it more than anything.

Now I look back in time and ask myself, did I just pretend to be innocent at times? Was I one of them? Did I just have a social life because of all the rumours about me, because of all the truths and lies that had been spun around my name?

High School, 12th Grade

There are predators all around me, people just waiting to pounce on every bit of information they can get. Gossip has now become a form of entertainment and I confess I enjoy it too. There are confession pages being made on Instagram, people are not afraid to expose other people in public, it’s like a little game being played- the person who tells the most number of secrets wins. It is scary but secretly a little exciting at the same time. Every time I see people whispering around me, I think to myself, are they talking about me? If yes, then what is it that they have heard, if not then even I would like to know what they are talking about.

I don’t think that high school is the last of it. I don’t think you can ever get a fresh start and be free of all the secrets that you carry. I think those truths, lies and secrets always catch up to you.


It’s late at night, I’m at a houseparty and around me are my own friends and strangers. Everyone is high on their poison of choice. We play games to make things interesting and as we start, I observe masks replacing everyone’s true faces. Some confess their sins, obsessions and lusts while others lie with a straight face. When it’s my turn, I’m afraid to confess anything, I ask myself - what if they use what I say against me? Can I trust these people? So like others, I lie and I realize that I’ve become good at it, thanks to all those years of practice. As we are pulled deeper into the night, the poison starts kicking in and we find out more and more about the people around us. Like everyone else, I tuck every new piece of information in my brain, you never know when it might come in use. After hours of listening to people talk about themselves, laughing with them and vibing with them, I realize those strangers aren’t strangers anymore and I know very little about those I call my friends.

We are just getting pulled deeper and deeper into the web of truth and lies day by day. It’s easy to tell them but difficult to distinguish between. I see people laugh over them but also fight over them. At the end it all comes down to survival of the fittest, if you can manage to survive among the mess that has been created around you, then you will be fine, but if not then you will fall through.

Author: Krisha Raut

Editor: Khushi Luniya

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