Overcritical, entitled, flighty, self-absorbed, overconfident, arrogantly opinionated.

Also known as old questioning of neglected areas, knowing one’s self worth, willingness to take risks, focusing on self instead of succumbing to societal pressures, assertively forging opportunities for oneself and being unafraid to make one’s voice heard.

There are two ways to look at the Gen-Z, and I believe in the latter.

The older generations are highly critical of us, questioning how we will manage to obtain a secure future for ourselves, what with all the much-needed breaking away from orthodox traditions and relentlessly daring to question the power of systems we participate in. They casually dismiss us as the generation that’s “too wrapped up in their own world”, notwithstanding our unparalleled progress and innovations, our path breaking ideas and fiery tongues, no longer content with systemic compliance.

As foolish as it may seem to them, our curiosity and confidence, our intolerance for condoning previously prevalent norms and beliefs, does not lie in a desperate cry for their attention and wise guidance, nor a quick fix for self-gratification. It lies in a thorough frustration of the state of affairs our world lies in, an eager bid to do our part at the realization that our voices can actually make a difference.

Now we are by no means the first generation to stand up and question the way things work, but we have definitely earned the title of the boldest and most relentless.

Although we may not always march in the streets, we still manage to propagate activism through the power that lies at our fingertips. Social media activism plays an important role in our perception of things and events, influencing us more than we begin to realize. If used wisely and cautiously, it is the perfect platform to spread consciousness and act as a catalyst for change. There have been numerous instances where a mere group of teenagers typing away at their phones and forwarding messages has led to speedy change, urgent awareness, and solutions to matters that would have otherwise flown under everyone’s radar or been quietly suppressed.

On the other hand, this has led to the rise of the controversial, somewhat toxic and most definitely problematic ‘Cancel Culture’. With the realization of the power of these online tools, comes an understanding of the sheer strength and reach of one’s opinions. Cancel culture has the ability to destroy a person’s entire life and career, adversely impacting their mental health as well. Mostly done with a good intention, internet activists often become relentless in their search for justice, taking matters into their own hands.

The balance between the two is a precarious one to strike, but it does not take away from us our ability to rationalize, our fearlessness and chutzpah, our innate need for justice and our unwavering faith in our power to bring about radical changes.

Here’s to our generation, the one that perseveres, that remains undaunted in the face of adversity, that refuses to be silenced, and works with the hope for inclusivity and diversity; because one voice truly has the power to bring about a revolution.

Our voices are seen not heard; a silent scream.


Author ~ Ananya Chaure

Editor ~ Zoyah Virani

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