So Large Yet So Small...


I’m not a full-fledged overthinker but it’s my part time job. After reading the title of this post if you’ve dived deep enough, I’m sure it does make sense. What comes to your mind when I say large? Businessman’s bungalow? Five star hotels? Gigantic countries like Russia ? Earth? Sun? Solar system? Milky way? Or perhaps the entire universe? All of them come under the category ‘large’ but if we take the bird’s eye view of the country then the businessman’s bungalow is hardly visible and the sun is not even a speck compared to the universe which is an ever-expanding body. Hypothetically speaking, the infinitely elephantine universe can be just a morsel of an unknown entity which might exist beyond our imagination. I call it imaginary maximization. Every imagination has got something to teach and preach. Anyway, what else is large? Perhaps a problem? Humans have a problem with having problems but one must never get depressed with having one for every person we meet is facing some kind of problem in his/her life. A child who cries for a candy stops crying when he hears about a child who cannot even afford two meals a day. We lionize our difficulties, blow them up and turn them into a colossal mess. Problems actually reveal the hidden shades of life because when we face a greater problem someday we realize how frivolous our problems were. That’s life buddies! Finally, I managed to fix my ‘problem’-drawing out a meaning from the antithesis present in the title. Everything we see is a perspective not the truth and everything we hear is an opinion not a fact. So this was my opinion!

- Pranoti Abhyankar.


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