Someone I loved

Every time I met her, she went out of her way to make my favorite food. My grandmother gave me my favorite dish which she loved making, every time and I would never get bored. She would play cards with me every night. I would lose every time, and how she would laugh at the stupid moves I made! I never thought it would end. Now the pain of the loss is only lessened remembering her and what all she did for me. I never appreciated it but now that I look back I feel like I should have. Now thinking about her laugh, I can’t say anything and the silence prevails. I had known her for 16 years, and in those years she did not get a tad bit old. And now when I think about her, all I can do is live with the old memories and laugh about the big mistakes I made. I loved her with all my heart but I never said it, the regret consumes me but it's the law of nature - all things age, all things die. In the end, our sun burns out. Our universe grows cold and perishes.

“She comes to me when I am feeling down,

Inspires me without a sound,

She touches me and I get turned around.”

-Billy Joel

Author: Aadi Bhatia

Editor: Eeshpal Singh

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