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I was bullied!

Haha, yes.

No one would believe me right now, but I was.

I was in the first grade and was assigned to sit next to my partner, her name was Aadya. She gave off a really intimidating vibe, yes, even in first grade.

She was really nice at first, but only for the first week. Then we made a new friend, his name was Ishan. He was also nice at first.

You know those candies, the sour candies that are sweet at first and then turn out really sour? Yes, just like that!

We were really good friends but then they started ganging up on me, spreading lies about me. So far, this sounds fun, but that’s only because you're yet to hear the end of this story.

Well, Aadya made up the lies and Ishan spread them. People believed them. You know the worst part, the class teacher believed them!

I was obviously frustrated, irritated, you name it. But I had to deal with it, I didn't tell a soul and I should have, honestly.

This went on for half a year, and then the best thing ever happened to me! Aadya left school! If I ever meet her again, I'll definitely thank her because then, I was the bully.

Ishan had no lies to spread. I troubled him so much that one time he started crying and didn't stop until his mom came to pick him up. (If I could add a laughing emoji right now, I would!)

I don't think anyone should ever tolerate unnecessary behaviour from unnecessary people.

I'm not saying that doing what they did to you is always the answer, you could deal with it in your own way, but hey, this worked for me!

Oh and one time, I was told to stand out of the class but it was worth it!

Author: Anonymous

Editor: Saptaparna Chakraborty

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