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Space, just how vast is it? No one knows, it’s endless.

But if we compare it to intellect, then? Quite similar, right? Just like space, our mind is so vast and broad. We can believe that our mindset and thinking are as broad as space. So believe this too, that space is dark, like the human mind.

But it does have brightness. It does shine. And yes, there is destruction. But when it shines, the whole universe sees it. And when you see the stars, remember, your mind also has those lights among the darkness.

For many people looking at the stars means different things. But in the end, aren’t they just peaceful? In reality, they are actually burning, and by burning they are giving us the calmness of the night.

Like some people we all know, they will burn with their whole being, and in the end, will give their lives too. Some might call their lives useless as they only gave light to others, and did nothing for themselves, but they actually saved many lives from darkness. There is no atmosphere and gravity in space, we all know and believe that, just like the human mind. There is no surface to settle on, there is no place to breathe in; there is just pure darkness, and a human’s imagination is the one that brings light into that darkness. We all should believe, that if not for others, then we are the light of our own space, we all shine for ourselves because in the end.

“We are stars and we are beautiful.” - Alessia Cara

Writer: Avik Saini

Editor: Adwita Chaure

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