Spirituality and the Purpose of Life

What is it that you seek in life? Is that your purpose? The reason you were born? Or is it merely the factor that gives you a materialistic goal to achieve and focus all your energy on, so as to have something to look forward to, to add meaning to the existence of YOU - a mass of cells, with an encased gray and white mass of cells that runs at one-tenth capacity… or so says every science Hollywood movie ever made.

Well, for starters, humans do not just use 10 percent of their brains, rather all of it, at full capacity. This begs the question, is telepathy and telekinesis real? Can we really move objects with our minds? Probably not.

Then what about manifestation? Attracting what you seek. How does that work? The most logical explanation I can provide is that of positivity and energies. All of us are no more than mere matter. We come into the world with energies and we attract and radiate energy, positive and negative, all throughout life. With a clear sight of what we wish to achieve, we work towards it and navigate our way around obstacles.

Yet again, why do we go to the lengths of working hard enough, busting our arses off; for giving life a meaning or just moving towards what the stars already have in store for us? This brings us back to the question- is what we seek in life our purpose, or merely a reason we rely our hopes and ambitions on?

Author: Manaswi Priya

Editor: Aryaa Shah

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