Star-crossed Enemies

I know your deepest, darkest secrets. I know why you are angry all the time. Through your eyes, I can see a plea, a plea to be truly known. The depth of your soul narrates to me an enchanting story of its own.

Capturing me in a trance, my soul yearns to be touched by the shadows of your past, now shining bright like the morning sun. Oh my love, how you've grown… from a feeble pebble, a mountain you've become.

That is how we began. Just as solid as a rock we start. Like a lightning-fast dart. But like all things, we ended. Lightning fades within seconds and rocks are destined to turn into dust. But not I. For I am the One.

But am I? As much as I hate to admit it, I'm still not sure if I can do this. They may say that I am the One, but deep down I feel that they're lying, that I am lying to myself… self doubt, evil as it is, seems to be taking over me. What do I do now?

My body crumples to the ground as I hug my knees, rocking back and forth. What if I fail? Will it snap them out of their delusion? I must do this, but I cannot… You must be vanquished, but I am not prepared to harm you.

I’ve waited to do this for a long time, love will not get in the way this time. A sword I will plunge into your chest, you’ll be dead before you have even breathed your last breath.

I sleep restlessly that night. Your innocent, loveable face flashes in my dreams. But behind that innocence, I know the evil that hides. The evil of generations uncountable, concentrated into you. I know that if I don’t kill you, you will kill me. I have to act fast.

I hate the colour grey, hate how it shades this story. As I recite the concoction of the poison for my sword that will end your life and my conscience, I hate that when you finally die — I won't know peace or purpose.

Till the sun rises, you are on my mind. But riddance from you will be far greater a satisfaction than peace could ever provide. As I dwell upon these thoughts I get on with the preparations for the ritual — my mind chasing the immortality I have always yearned for. I wipe that sole tear drop from my cheek as I set up the herbs, the mints, the venom.

I exhale deeply and drink the dark green paste. Nothing happens for the next few seconds; suddenly, my chest, arms, legs, face — my whole body begins to glow as a golden light surrounds me and engulfs me in its warmth. I am ready, and so is my sword.

And then I see my nemesis. My rival. I begin to walk towards you, sword in hand. I am fully prepared, and only one of us will leave here alive. I grip my weapon and channel the energy from within me, my divine power, and I aim straight for your heart. My own wrenches with pain as the blade pierces you.

It is done. I have won, and the world may rest in peace. In my head, your beautiful laugh rings. It is too beautiful to be a figment of my imagination. I turn to face you in shock. As you pull my sword from your chest, a heavenly glow surrounds you. You are immortal.

Authors: Vedant Vaswani, Amrita Pillai, Nandini Patil, Zoyah Virani, Mrudul Shah, Delisha Sethi, Manaswi Priya, Aryan Sonsale, Shriya Simran Pradhan, Chinmai Gokule, Anubhi Srivastava, Iffah, Suditi Mukadam, VR Kapse and Saptaparna Chakraborty

Editor: Ananya Chaure

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