State of Felicity

~When it’s time for two souls to meet, nothing in this world can prevent them from meeting, no matter where they may be located.~

Two young teenagers in two different cities, 240 kilometers apart, found their way to each other; found their way into each other's hearts…

Some may say that meeting you was ‘meant to be’… that we waltzed into each other's lives at the perfect time and helped each other through all the darkness life had in store for us.

Everything that we went through in the past year opened my eyes…it showed me that before you came along, my life was grey. I may not have realized it then, but the minute I saw you, my world was filled with colour, with brightness beyond compare.

You were the light that guided me out of the dark, the cherry on top of the ice cream that just made everything sweeter, the lyrics to the melody of my life, the gorgeous baby blue that fills the sky. The reason behind my will to live.

I look back upon the times I thought I lived only to realize I was just surviving. You came in like an uninvited storm, uprooted me from my being and landed me into a garden full of hopes and possibilities. I had never imagined that the earth-shattering, shake-you-to-the-core kind of love even existed. But then you changed that. I can finally browse through your menu of bearhugs and stolen kisses, half curvy smiles and cute sneezes. Sometimes I wonder if I missed out on too much in your life, feel disheartened for not having you around all those mornings I couldn't bear to see another sunrise...but all those lonely days just set me up for the gorgeous views I was yet to see with you. All the pain and suffering was only to find life next to you, to finally find my state of felicity in you...

Author: Arushi Deshpande

Editor: Charu Sabharwal

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