Status Quo - Nonsensical Labels

Stick to the stuff you know

If you wanna be cool

Follow one simple rule

Don't mess with the flow, no no

Stick to the status quo!

I never properly understood how ‘labels' or ‘stereotypes’ worked until I entered highschool. How if someone has colored hair they are considered a rebel or if someone loves reading books they are tagged as a nerd. I always wondered why a particular group decides what’s cool or not, I mean, who gave them that right? Was it us, with our silence?

While comparing the hellishness of highschool structure to the reality of societal structure, I don’t notice much difference, rather just different names for the situations. Like for example, how if someone stands up for rules in a classroom they are known as the ‘teacher’s pet’. The same way in real life, if a person backs a particular politician, they are labelled as that particular party’s bhakt or worshipper. Do these labels exist because people can’t tolerate constructive feedback or is it because they fail to understand and accept a different opinion?

I’ve always dwelled upon why this toxic system came into being. Why does the ringleader or the majority, based on assumptions about a particular person; divide one into groups or more specifically labels? Is it their own insecurities or the fear of losing the very power that gave birth to these labels?

I firmly believe that the day we stop caring about what people think of us, we’ll grow to appreciate us and those around us a lot more. When we start standing up for what’s right, even if we are alone against numerous people, we’ll make the world a better place for someone else, for someone just like us, who really wants to get rid of these nonsensical labels.

Author: Anubhi Srivastava

Editor: Arushi Dubey

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