Stone Hearted

Updated: Jul 30, 2021



She wakes to the sound of the shrill doorbell that breaks the silence in the place she calls home. Determined to make this day the best in a while she sits up on her bed and stretches. She looks her pillow stained with the tears of the night before and decides,

"Tonight will be different".

She begins the day with a smile, the spark brighter, more hopeful than ever. Alas! A brief happiness. Her mother often told her,

"Don't give the key to your emotions in the hands of others".

Smiling her usual sad smile, a characteristic acquired in the recent past, she wonders, looking at the ignorant smiles, "Others! How do i explain that you were mine?" Behind closed doors, the ever osscilating mindsets, from Forgiving to frustration from tears to anger, she decides to confront. She halts. "How will this matter in a few days? It will be long forgotten. Blemishing the smiles and summoning wrath wasn't worth the pain" So she let it go. "Calm down" She pleads herself.

She despised the sorry sight of her tear stained face

reflecting off the fingerprinted mirror. A sudden thought. Her little spark! A subdued glow, but it was there. That spark was a part of her. It was all she had. Her last hope. Her last fall back. Her last light. She held that spark a little closer to herself feeling its warmth.

"Just a little longer"

she whispered to herself as her head hit the tear stained pillow. And we lost her. To the deep sleep she very desperately required. It was her only escape from the world she believed she could change. Her last thoughts before she opened her eyes to the winter morning sun shining on her face were

"If only i was a little less me and a little more them. What if i were that stone hearted."

- Zoyah Virani


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