No, not to the night we met. But to the days when deciding whether to play Stapu or Hide and Seek was the most crucial decision we made. The time when ghosts haunted us more than humans. Yes, that very time when we were carefree and masters of the subtle art of literally not giving a damn about what others thought. 

It's weird to see how as children, we were carefree and amused by slightest of things, how easy it was to give dumb reason and get away with things. I still remember those days when I was scared of ghosts little did I know back then that my mother's bashings could be way more haunting. I am grateful for the childhood we had, a childhood making memories with humans rather than gadgets.

Everything aside, this lockdown made me realize all our emotions fade with time and dwell us into an emotionless person. A child's heart is tender and innocent, all that it really cares about is what Santa would give them on Christmas, or whether or not the tooth fairy would come to replace their tooth with presents. But as soon as we start growing old all that we are bothered about is competition. We have forgotten to live our lives and gotten into the race of being the best. We are so busy working for happiness that we have lost the true essence of it to materialistic things. The fact that happiness comes from satisfaction is overlooked and we keep running after success, not considering whether we are satisfied or not.

I really wish we could go back to the time when we were kids so that we could at least be grateful for life. It is high time we wake up and start relishing the present moments rather than cribbing about our future.


Author: Prachi Kaushal

Editor: Suditi Mukadam

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