Take my Hand

let’s exist

take my hand, twirl me around

on my tip toes, I move round and round

look into my eyes, speak to me through those mesmerizing orbs

let mine tell you I wanna stay like this, till we’re nothing but a pair of corpses

cup my face, kiss me slowly

i’ll mess up your hair, very sinfully

put your arms around me, hold me close

ignoring the amount of time, that just flows

whisper in my ears, what I mean to you

without you, I don’t know what I would do

give me that goofy look, just to make me smile

make me more frail, feeble and fragile

hand over the bouquet of jasmines, that you’ve been hiding for so long

let’s drown in the intoxicating fragrance, don’t prolong

play our song, raise the volume

each other, lets consume

tell me, ‘never leave me’

let me tell you, how without you I couldn’t even be

trace my scars, kiss them

make me shiver, forget about all other men

give me your jacket, let me object

I’ll take your hand and my warmth into you, project

tell me about your dreams, where one day you want to be

I’ll tell you mine, we’ll help each other see more clearly

smile, smile again and smile some more

I just have to say I wouldn’t mind even if my heart into million pieces you tore.

-Riya Pote

Edited by: Suditi Mukadam

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