Updated: Aug 1, 2021

I feel like it is weird, how we as teenagers feel. I mean, people expect us to understand what they want from us while totally neglecting what we want. It almost feels like a movie, where you are just a helpless character who doesn't know what to do and what they are expected to do. There are so many people who have expectations from us. Our parents, our friends, society, and our expectations from ourselves as well, and when we can’t achieve any one of those, it feels like we’ve done nothing, we’ve wasted our life doing useless stuff. Somehow, that's the exact point when the friend you are always compared to achieves something big. Then there are the parents who come in with all that “learn from them” stuff. The feeling you get after that is indescribable. You are angry, you are disappointed, you know you gave your 100%. You feel that maybe it wasn’t meant to be, but then deep down somewhere you have that urge to show your parents that they also have a child who can do something.

That was about parents' expectations.

Now, coming to friends’ expectations. I personally classify friends into two types- the good ones, who have good intentions towards you, that appear to be bad at that point of time because they want you to make the right choices; and the bad friends who appear to be good at that point of time because they want you to choose the easy, wrong path. They will want you to smoke and drink and go to parties you aren’t supposed to be at. They will make you sneak out of the house and leave you stranded like a single flower in a dessert the one time that you get caught.That's when good friends come and that’s when you realize that you were wrong and it's them who will always have your back. You feel guilt and happiness at the same time.

Society's expectations are out of this world. They want you to be superman. They literally expect you to be good at studies, sports, extracurriculars, housework, and absolutely everything else. They want you to be perfect. It affects us at the start but slowly we realize that they don’t matter. People are going to keep criticizing your work and very conveniently ignore the hard work you put behind it, and trust me, you don’t need such people in your life.

Last but not the least, your expectations from yourself. This is what really matters at the end of the day and this is what you end up doing at last. The satisfaction you get after achieving what you truly wanted even though no one knew about it except you and your diary, is insurmountable. But that exact feeling is possibly the best feeling you can ever get in this whole entire world.

There are millions and billions of thoughts in a teenage mind. This was my attempt at putting them down in words.

Writer: Danya

Editor: Aryaa Shah

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