Terror: Fear Personified


He didn't know what happened that night,

But he had felt it.

He had felt that dreaded emotion which kept him trapped. He saw his happiness diminished and an end to his free spirit.

He never knew he would fall victim;

He was quite unaware of its crafty activity.

Oh, but when it pounced on him to attack that night,

He couldn't escape, it swallowed him in his entirety.

He couldn't think straight; everything shattered before his eyes. His life, his hopes, his dreams- all put in jeopardy,

His mind- replaced by a black cloud of doubt.

His veins permeated with sheer anxiety.

The funny thing about terror,

Is that it hits when you least expect it.

But when it hits, it rocks you to your core,

And all your doubts and insecurities turn explicit.

He could hear his blood roaring in his ears,

And suddenly the world to him looked blurred.

He went weak in the knees as he fell to the ground.

He fell unconscious; his blood-curdling screams no more heard.

Yet, till date, nobody knows what it looks like.

It's never constant; an ever-changing entity.

Though we all feel its presence,

It's like a chameleon, because we all perceive it differently.

Terror is inevitable;

Experiencing it will never be a crime.

All that one must remember is,

Like all things, this too elapses with time.


Author ~ Nandini Patil Editor ~ Zoyah Virani

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