That House

In a night as black as coal

This poem of mine untold

This story which on me took its toll

In this very night unfolds

I was moseying down a road lonely

A road gunyahs chock-a-block

When I saw something sui generis remotely

Something cause of which my heart just stopped

No, it was not a sight horrible

No, it was not a mendicant doing his job

It was something for Stalin so veronal

It was a sight that could make Hitler’s heartthrob

It was not a display of chauvinism ending

It was not an array of our fledgling being uplifted

But it sure was an evince which was fending

A manifestation of something the world has sifted

“Enough of all this suspense”, you may say

“Just tell us what you did see”

But promise that you won’t dismay

Post I tell you this moment that made me glee

It was but a simple insignificant sight

That is significant in this lost dark world

It was that of one gunyah decorated with lights

That only one along the street with hope burned

That trivial sight illustrated hole reborn

It depicted that there is light in the seas dark

That frivolous sight illuminated a new dawn

It showed that there is of blossoming a spark

Well, you might wonder how this is auxiliary

With the story in this work of literary

It teaches us to see light in the darkest of times & to keep hope alive

It teaches us to see the good in everything for that is the way to thrive.

Author: VR Kapse

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